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— leading developer and supplier of training equipment and software for the preparation of specialists in the area of road safety, transportation safety, motor vehicle and special vehicle driving, as well as theoretical training and knowledge testing of applicants. We develop all the software ourselves. It is famous among professionals applying simulators to teach driving motor and special vehicles in Russia and abroad.

Our products

City Car Driving

This is unique software allowing training basic driving skills in the conditions of city traffic and preparing to driving exams at home CityCarDriving contains a specially created virtual city with 8 districts, each of them is an ideal environment for training driving skills in road conditions maximum close to reality. The software contains two motordromes made in compliance with current motordromes for tests in State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

"Smart" traffic with adjustable density and character, precisely simulating the motion of traffic streams in the city and out of it, a possibility to set weather conditions and time of the day - all these allow creating driving conditions maximum close to real ones. Control of the rules and voice prompts will help solidify theoretical knowledge of traffic rules. Much attention in the software is paid to the creation of miscellaneous road situations and realism of car driving.

В, С, D, Е categories

The best software at the market to teach driving for categories of B, C, D и E, developed for the drivers of different competence. Software meets the driver preparation rules.

Special attention is paid to the development of methodic part of software. Elaborated in details and informative exercises with step-by-step control will allow learners to receive and solidify the skills of work with control device. A list of exercises includes both standard exercises on a motordrome and the exercises performed in the conditions of city traffic of different intensity. Also, for all transport means, free driving on public roads, country roads, highlands, highways and motordromes are available. In free driving there are no step-by-step instructions, however, the traffic rules are controlled and the prompts are provided to help solidify theoretical knowledge.

Construction equipment

Our company offers the widest range of simulators to learn how to control construction machinery. In a complex with the simulator, the software allows precise rendering of the feelings from machinery control due to high-quality realistic physics of equipment performance and motion as well as true-to-life implementation of its units and mechanisms operation.

Among others, the impressive list of construction machinery simulators includes:

- frontlifts;

- bulldozers;

- excavators;

- soil compactor;

- grader;

- mini-loader.

All the simulators contain a set of exercises on driving and operating equipment control, which cover all the required manipulations. The elaborated in details and informative exercises allow students receiving and solidifying the skills of work with control devices. The tasks are performed at motordromes and special training fields, where the conditions of work and surrounding are maximum close to reality.

One of the examples of the simulators developed and created by our company is the elaborated in details asphalt laying machine simulator, which does not have analogues in the world.

Crane equipment

Simulators are developed to teach methods how to control different cranes, work with the security equipment and restrictors to machinists, as well as to study the crane design.

In a complex with the training equipment, they assure the development of key skills for future crane operators. The development of correct movements and skills of work with loads, such as stocking and displacement. The crane equipment simulators developed by our company include:

- crane truck;

- travelling crane;

- crane tower.

Crane truck simulator allows training the skills on open fields, in the conditions of limited space, near power lines, to perform works on load displacement, installation of wall panels etc. The module of the exercise control helps learners to avoid mistakes from the very first minutes of a lesson on a simulator, increasing the level of the leavers' competence.

Software a travelling crane allows training the displacement of different difficulty load, includes the exercises with free hooks and cross head.

All the simulators provide a possibility to teach working with security devices, which are analogous to the devices used in the conditions of real industrial manufacture.

Logging equipment

Simulators of logging equipment based on the products manufactured by Ponsse, John Deer and Silvatec jointly with training equipment are developed for basic training of feller-delimber-buncher (harvester) drivers and logging transportation vehicle (forwarder) drivers, as well as for enhancement or correction of the control skills of the drivers with different level of competence. Programs allow providing true feelings of equipment control due to high-quality modern graphics based on DirectX 11, as well as realistic physics of movement and behaviour of operating parts.The programs contain a set of exercises on driving and control of operating equipment, which cover all the required manipulations. Elaborated in details and informative exercises allow learners to receive and solidify skills of work with control devices.

Agricultural equipment

Our company has a wide range of agricultural equipment simulators. They include complete harvesters and tractors with different attachments: ploughs, one-way ploughs and cultivators. For realistic visualization of tilled soil our team has implemented a system of landscape change. Tractor simulators contain plenty of detailed training exercises, many of which do no have analogues.
The development of a version for a complete harvester became for the team a new challenge setting the hardest tasks. The result was a simulator, which is deservingly seeking a status of the best at the market. There was implemented a complicated physical communication between the units and mechanisms, visualization of different height of the wheat cut, as well as wheat crush. Among others, there was created a unique software model of internal harvester units operation, allowing calculate and display not only the performance while harvesting but also the losses both at the input and output, related to the incorrect actions of the driver. Thus, the training process is maximum close to the real conditions of works performance, since the learner has to control permanently the parameters of complete harvester units and mechanisms operation. Methodic part contains a set of exercises allowing making a full training cycle: from study and drilling basic control skills at motordrome to the wheat harvesting.

Mining and quarry machinery

Mining machinery simulators are unique developments of our company without analogues in the Russian market. The simulators of a mining drill unit and an underground loader were developed in tight cooperation with a mining enterprise. The employees of our company received a direct access to machinery which will be re-created in details both from the point of view of a visual component and operation of units and mechanisms. The specialists from the mining company were the advisors while developing a methodic part. As a result of such a tight cooperation, there was received the highest level of realism and methodic use from the training at our simulators.
The quarry machinery is represented by the simulators of earthmovers and quarry lorries of different tonnage. The earthmover simulator is implemented in several options, including as a networking complex. That allows simultaneous training learners at several workstations and a dynamic simulator. The instructor from his/her workstation can control the performance of exercises, set initial conditions of exercises individually for each learner, see the notes of each training session and introduce rapidly the corrections in the teaching and learning activity.
Simulators of quarry lorries of different tonnage serve to train divers the rules of motion in a mine, placement of the lorry for loading and overburden recasting into a disposal area, work with ground constraints of an open pit. The task can be additionally complicated by the weather change or time of the day.

Developing software for simulators

The creation of training software is a multi-sided task and similar, in many ways, to the creation of a computer game. It is necessary to create for a learner the conditions close to real driving for him/her to go deep into the virtual world. It is not enough just to give him/her a wheel and tell how to roll it..

More details

Developing software for simulators

The creation of training software is a multi-sided task and similar, in many ways, to the creation of a computer game. It is necessary for a learner to create the conditions close to real driving for him/her to go deep into the virtual world; and to see the consequences of different movements of wheel while driving in safe conditions, in practice. It is not enough just to give him/her a wheel and tell how to roll it. For this purpose it is necessary to recreate many things: first, a realistic picture see in front to believe that the person is in a real vehicle; second, physically true reaction to the control device: if to leave the clutch an engine stalls, and if the speed is high the car fails to negotiate a corner; the third, persuasive audio -for a person to understand engine speed by listening; well, and of course, other road users without whom it is useless to learn road regulations. The virtual world, as a miniature reflection of the real one, requires from the developer maximum flexibility, readiness to study new things and work at the confluence of different technologies. With each new type of a machinery, this world is to be expanded: if for a car the main thing is the driving in traffic, for a off-road truck - overcoming topographic barriers, and for a bulldozer - earthmoving! Each new simulator generates unique tasks of simulation: load lifting, trench excavation, asphalt laying, mine opening, whatever. Moreover, even in the same class of equipment, identical vehicles are rare. For example, the control device of old Soviet tractor ДТ-75 is fundamentally different from new Japanese bulldozers, which can be driven using just one hand. That is why each project is new knowledge, an insight into operational processes, and if required - business trips and real machinery control/vehicle driving. As time goes, a theme of simulators is becoming more interesting. Besides training, simulators are used for scientific researches of human behaviour, including in the non-standard and dangerous for life situation. The theme of team work of several learners, for example, while constructing, mine opening or military activity, is on demand. What if to unite the simulators of ground, air or water vehicle in one virtual world? These perspectives and permanent increasing of simulation difficulty make the developer be toned and maintain interest to this area of software.

Tasks for our developers

1 Artificial intellect for vehicles, pedestrians and special vehicles
2 Networking communication of simulators
3 Physical model of vehicles and special vehicles
4 Simulation of different units of the engine and transmission
5 Simulation of weather and road conditions
6 Visual special effects and shaders
7 Multiline visualization
8 Programming audio effects
9 Optimization
10 Control system of Road Regulations
11 Game logics
12 Levels and tasks editor
13 Multimedia applications development
14 The creation of locations elaborated in details
15 The creation of the exercises modelling real situations



Each driving simulator contains a detailed description and system requirements to the computer. Please, read them and after that, the driving simulator can be downloaded.

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